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How to maintain the radiator of diesel generator

The role of the radiator in the entire generator set is unquestionable.
Therefore, it is also an indispensable course to maintain a good radiator.

Maintaining the radiator can ensure the normal operation of the generator.

1.Regularly discharge air to the radiator
The radiator is very important for the diesel generator. It is used to help the diesel generator to dissipate heat. In many cases, it may cause corrosion to the radiator and affect its normal use. Corrosion can be said to be the most important cause of heat sink failure, because the air in the water accelerates the corrosion process during use. Therefore, we must always keep the pipe joints from leaking, and regularly add water to the air from the top of the radiator to keep the system "airless".
2.Start with setting goals
The radiator should not be in the condition of partial water injection, as it will accelerate corrosion. For generator sets that are not working, all water must be removed or fully filled. If possible, use distilled water or natural soft water and add an appropriate amount of rust inhibitor.
3.Precautions when running the radiator
The coolant of a diesel generator radiator is usually very hot and stressed. Do not defragment the radiator or remove the tube when it is not cooling, do not work on the radiator or open the fan guard when the fan is running.
4.Keep the outside of the radiator clean
External cleaning: In dusty or dirty environments, the seams of the radiator may be clogged with debris, insects, etc., which will affect the efficiency of the radiator. Jiangsu Fu Kangsi Power said that regular cleaning of these light deposits can be sprayed with low-pressure hot water plus detergent to spray steam or water from the front of the radiator to the fan. If you spray from the opposite direction, it will only bring the dirt closer to the center. When using this method, use a cloth to shield the diesel engine and the alternator.

5.Sediment removal in the radiator
If the stubborn deposits cannot be removed in the above manner, the radiator can be removed and immersed in hot alkaline water for about 20 minutes, then rinsed with hot water. If the hard water is used for a period of time because the joint is leaking, or because the diesel generator has been running for a while and no rust remover is used, the heat sink may be clogged with scale.
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